World Environment Day

Things We Wouldn’t Have If We Don’t Take Care Of The Environment

Everyday, we should be grateful towards the nature for everything it provides us with. June 5th is known as the World Environment Day,  to be thankful for at least a day to the environment. However, that’s not enough. We need to do our bit for saving the planet. If that doesn’t motivate you to work towards saving the world, here are a list of things we would not have if we don’t take care of the environment like we should –

1. Food
Would you give up food? That’s just one of the many consequences of not taking care of the world like we should. With less trees, there’ll be a scarcity of everything, including all our food sources. You can forget about the pepperoni on your pizza. Actually, no pizza at all in fact. Are you willing to give up food just because you’re a bit lazy?

2. Beautiful Places
All those places you’ve wanted to visit since you were a child won’t be like you imagined them to be. In the way we’re heading towards the future with the deteriorating conditions of the planet, most of the places will get uninhabitable. You can forget your trips to snow-covered mountains because there wouldn’t be snow if we don’t control global warming now.

3. Luxuries
Gradually, everything that we use will be rendered useless. All the appliances and luxuries that we’re using are made from raw materials that come from nature. We’re headed towards a future where all these resources are drying up. If it’s not brought under control, we’ll have to say goodbye to all the luxuries we enjoy today.

4. Necessities
Not only luxuries, we’ll be deprived of the necessities of life too. The natural resources available are being wasted at a high rate. That day isn’t too far when we’ll have to compromise on the necessities of life too. Water, food, clothing, a place to live, and other necessities are not something we should have to choose from, but that day will come soon if we don’t pay attention.

5. Life
Isn’t it great to be alive? We’re living because of the environment around us. Earth is the only planet that has life on it (that’s still debatable, but do you have money to go to Mars?) Shouldn’t we be thankful for this life that we have here instead of making living conditions difficult for ourselves? Without an inhabitable environment, life wouldn’t be possible on Earth.

Let’s be grateful. Happy World Environment Day.

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