Winters In Mumbai

Jokes On Winters In Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is also the city of not-so-much winter. If you had concentrated in sixth-grade science class, you already know that we experience maritime climate, which is a moderate climate. Summers, winters, any season is experienced at its lowest in Mumbai. Places away from the sea, say Delhi, have an extreme type of climate where summers are extremely hot and winters, extremely cold. Winters in Mumbai are quite frankly a joke, a mere concept. With the cyclone Ockhi approaching the city, the weather is cold, but not Delhi cold. The minute the temperature drops below 25, Mumbaikars are seen wearing jackets and hoodies. Wonder what we’re going to do if we’re put in cities that are really really cold. People always make fun of us for being so ignorant and delicate when it comes to the weather and let’s face it, they’re funny. Let’s add a little humour to our lives on this extremely cold and windy day with jokes on winters in Mumbai.



3. Winter is coming.

4. Bag bhari hoega aaj.

5. You’re blessed, really.

6. Calm down, it’s not a competition.

7. Sardiyaan aa gayi hain. 

8. Sorry, not sorry.

9. Woh aapka problem hai. 

10. Okay, daredevil.

“It’s freezing bro!” – Every Mumbaikar right now.

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