Why women look up to Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer

J Law and A Shoe (that’s what she called herself, yes), have been inspiring women all over. Everyone went drooling over their appearance at the Golden Globes, where these witty women were seen together. Here are the reasons why more and more women have been looking up to them :

They’re fearless

One thing common between Jennifer and Amy is that they are absolutely fearless. They never fail to speak their mind, doesn’t matter how hard the truth may be, and how offended someone might get. Nothing can hold them back from conveying their opinions and that is why women can relate to them better.

Inspiring Women

The kind of movies they do

Everyone who has seen Joy and Trainwreck will know what I’m talking about here. The tradition of women playing a sidekick is not existent anymore, and Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are the people who are driving this change. Joy, a real story of how a strong women went from rags to riches and Trainwreck, another story of a strong woman who is unapologetic for all the choices she makes are the kind of movies that are breaking stereotypes and giving more power to women.

Inspiring Women

They’re witty

Apart from being awesome and incredible sexy, Jennifer and Amy have an amazing sense of humour which they have been showcasing from time to time. Amy being a stand up comedian as well, is witty, bold and beautiful. Jennifer has always been giving us examples of how funny she is. These women are not just pretty faces, but also women of substance, who have a lot to offer.

Inspiring Women

They are us

You don’t have to be sorry for who you are is the kind of belief both these women have been endorsing. Who can forget when Jennifer tripped on the stage while going to receive her Oscar? Or the time when someone tried to outsmart Amy and she had the perfect response to calm him down? These women have been constantly telling us how important it is to be yourself, and that is why women look up to them.

Inspiring Women

They represent real women

Women are not about makeup and pretty dresses. They’re more than that, far far more. And both these women are the perfect examples of modern women. They are self-dependent, don’t need a man to validate their existence, speak their heart out and don’t care about other people’s opinion. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are absolutely adorable at everything they do and make us more and more obsessed with them.

Inspiring Women

We love you J Law and A Shoe

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