What To Do On Bharat Bandh

What To Do On Bharat Bandh

At least once a month we come across a bonus holiday because luckily for us, there exists Bharat Bandh. Due to a trade union strike ongoing across the country, Bharat is Bandh today benefitting us with a long weekend that will go on till Monday. If you’re out of ideas and want to utilize your holidays to the fullest, we’re here to help you with What to do on Bharat Bandh –

1. Get out of town!

Quite literally! When again are you going to get a four-day long weekend? Thanks to Bharat Bandh, we all now have holidays on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Get your gang and plan that Goa trip that never really made it out of Whatsapp group chats. Maybe now your prayers have finally been answered.

2. House Partyyy!

It’s a known fact that happiness has to end into a night of sick music and hungover mornings. Tomorrow being a holiday too, you can afford to wake up late which is exactly why you should consider throwing a house party at your place. Call all your friends, gather booze and food, and have fun. You Only Live Once.

3. Watch a movie

You know what Bharat Bandh on a Friday means? A day to enjoy new releases on the box office. Many movies are releasing today including Sonakshi Sinha’s badass Akira. also for all your creepy horror movie lovers, there’s a movie that is being called the best American horror film in twenty years. Don’t Breathe might turn out to be a really nice way of spending Bharat Bandh like a boss.

4. Binge watch Game Of Thrones

It’s just been like 3 months without Game Of Thrones and life sucks. Season 7 being delayed again is already breaking our hearts. When everything is going to be shut down, you might as well make good use of it. Make no human interaction, pull the curtains down, login to Netflix and binge watch the best series in the world. A day with Tyrion Lannister is a day well spent.

5. Food hopping

You know what you deserve after a stressful week/month/year/century? A good meal. Find some friend who’s equally deserving, who got sloshed all this time with work. Both of you grab your wallets and try every restaurant you can find. Of course it’s going to be expensive, but then what is the point in earning all that money. Spend it on food, shopping, shoes and everything you’ll not regret later (you will but who cares).
Have a fun-filled Bharat Bandh y’all!

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