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Things to do when home alone

There have always been those days where you have to be alone at home all day. Either your roommates had to go to visit their folks, or your mom decided to meet some relatives and you decided not to go with her, because, well that’s obvious. Instead of sleeping all day and getting bored, you could do something among these things because they’re productive, as well as entertaining.

1. Clean your room

It may sound like something very boring, or tiring but it’s actually very productive. A neat and clean surrounding helps in sending positive vibes. You cannot expect to think better if all that you’re surrounded with is garbage. Start with your wardrobe, sort your shirts, dresses, pants, and you might find something that you could wear but you were not able to find it among all those clothes. Get to your side table and clean out of the unnecessary things you don’t need anymore. You could make room for new things that were till now lying at the side of your bed. Once it’s done, you yourself would want to stay in your room forever.

Home alone

2. Cook something new

Who doesn’t love food? While food from restaurants are tempting and delicious, nobody can deny the fact that they are unhealthy. Having them every other day is not something one should do. Because you are home alone, you cannot even ask someone to make it for you. What you could do is decide what you would like to eat and make it yourself. Search the menu online, gather the things that you need to make it and treat yourself with a good meal. Not only you learn something new, you’re eating healthy homemade food as well. Don’t forget to click a picture and send it to your mom, she should know you’re pretty capable of living alone so she could stop with all the worrying.

Home alone
3. Watch a horror movie

Warning – not applicable for people with a weak heart. Horror is a genre not like by many, but some of those movies are really good, especially the ones that make you wonder till the end. Some psycho thriller movie would also work. Rent a movie, or watch it online, now that netflix is here. Watching it alone can be tough, without a doubt, but it’s also better. Now while you are it, make sure you have all the necessities like food and water to give you company because moving around the house is not a good idea. If you feel like doing something crazy, shut the curtains and make it dark. That’d be pretty wild.

Home Alone
4. Make something beautiful

Lots of scrap or boxes lying around the house? Make something pretty out of them. Watch  DIY videos on YouTube and try to make the best out of waste. Having a project at hand is pretty time consuming, so you don’t have to worry about how would you spend the whole day. Also, you get some pretty stuff out of all the work, which you can use daily. You could also make some pretty things for your room wall, or some beautiful quotes handwritten by you on a chart paper, to frame. Decorating and changing the way your room looks is always a good idea.

Home alone

5. Read

All those books that you thought you’d read someday but you never got the time to. It’s time to get them out today. There’s nothing better than a good book along with a cup of coffee. Set a table with chips, or something else that you could eat, with a good wine or coffee, whichever you prefer,  and the book. Reading is not only educative, but also a very powerful way of developing a good vocabulary. To those who have never read a book, give it a try. All these movies you watch are book adaptations anyway.

Home alone
Young woman reading book drinking tea on comfortable couch at home


Or just order the damn pizza man.

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