Signs That You Need A Vacation Right Now

Signs That You Need A Vacation Right Now

Summers are tough. Dealing with life problems in this intensity of heat gets really hard for us people. Summers should really be about going out of town, someplace cooler and getting tanned. It shouldn’t be about sweats and staying indoors to avoid heat. If you feel this way too, you want a vacation badly. Following are the signs that you need a vacation right now –

1. The whole time you just daydream about being at the beach with your hair swaying with the wind while you’re sipping a margharita.
2. Your Google searches are all about places to go to for a chill vacation. You look at the pictures of these places and loathe yourself.
3. You have planned out a vacation with your friends but they being complete douchebags, you couldn’t really go through with it.
4. Every time you see someone on your friend list on Facebook uploading pictures or checking in to some exotic place, you die a little.
5. You can never stop thinking about how wonderful it was when you took a vacation the last time and how you didn’t cherish it completely.
6. You have made plans with ten different people about going to some place but none of those have worked out which makes you hate everyone.
7. You know it’s been too long and now you feel your body parts have started going on strike because they all want you to go on a vacation right now.
8. Everything that you do reminds you of how you shouldn’t be doing that thing and be somewhere else instead of where you are and that makes you sad.
9. People around you are all irritating and you know the only way you can start liking them all is by taking a break from them for sometime.
10. You’ve had many ups and downs that have crushed you and you think maybe taking a break from all these things around you will help you get back on track.

Please go, take a leave and go right now.

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