Signs That You Love Jumping To Conclusions

Signs That You Love Jumping To Conclusions

If there’s anything that common to every human being, it’s the ability to jump to conclusions. Overthinking is our birth right and we have all leave no opportunity to not utilize it. Isn’t it fun though? The good thing with assuming things beforehand is that you don’t get disappointed when they don’t go your way. When you already think about consequences before the event occurs, you prepare yourself for the good and the bad. That’s a great coping mechanism, you awesome human being. On Jump Day, let’s see the signs that you love jumping to conclusions, and congratulate yourself for being such a pro at it.

1. Even before you send a text, you think of ten different ways the other person will reply in. Maybe more than ten.

2. You already have conversations decided in your head which is why you seldom talk to anybody.

3. Every fight that you have with other people is based on assumptions that you make which do not exist.

4. Even before someone puts forth their argument, you have a counter-argument ready because you’re awesome.

5. Your favourite thing to do for leisure is imagining conversations with people that won’t happen.

6. “You didn’t say that but you were going to say that” is your favourite sentence in the world.

7. You have made so many assumptions of people just by looking at them that now you’re getting good at it.

8. Half the things that you think are going on don’t exist but you don’t give up believing them anyway. ‘

9. You’ve been labelled as a lunatic but you don’t really care as you have no plans of stopping it. You will assume till death.

10. You know you are not going to change and frankly you quite enjoy being this making assumptions kind of person.

Hope you keep jumping to conclusions, always.

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