Signs That You Are A Social Media Addict

Signs That You Are A Social Media Addict

Social media is an important part of our lives right now. There’s not an hour that goes without seeing the various apps in our phones, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. With everyone owning a smartphone today, very less people are not know to the social media part of the internet. And once you know, there’s no escape. Following are the signs that you are a social media addict –

1. Social media is your virtual pep talk buddy. Whenever you feel kind of low or useless, you go to Facebook or Instagram to read quotes and feel good about yourself.
2. Your mornings don’t begin with a glass of water. The moment you open your eyes, you look for your phones to see messages, tags and snaps from people. That’s how mornings are for you.
3. You feel incomplete when an hour goes by without you checking your phone. Even when you are genuinely busy, you find the time to glance at your phone and surf through apps.
4. You feel like you have some social media status to maintain at all times. You feel the need to give updates to all your followers which is why you post things everyday.
5. If you don’t get enough likes after uploading a picture, you take it down within half an hour. You wouldn’t want other people to see a picture with minimum likes in your timeline.
6. Even when you’re out with people, you constantly check your phone like Obama is going to message you. When other people point it out, that makes you stop for like 10 seconds.
7. You’re there on almost all social media sites. You like to have various options to choose from in case you’re stuck in an awkward situation or would have to travel for hours straight.
8. When the internet is down at home, or there’s no WiFi where you go, or you don’t have data pack, you feel like the world has ended and there’s nothing you can do to save it.
9. You have Snapchat streaks with multiple people. You get extremely paranoid when that streak is about to end, and you try your best to keep it alive by calling the other people and telling them to snap you.
10. And finally, you live for memes. In this worthless life, memes are the only things that make sense to you. You know it’s miserable, but it becomes bearable with memes.

*checks Facebook for a new meme*

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