Reasons Why You Should Not Make Plans

Reasons Why You Should Not Make Plans

To get all your friends together is a big task in itself. Getting them to agree on something is not only an impossible thing, but when you yourself aren’t too great at making plans either. In the end, all that effort is wasted as ultimately it’s you and your laptop screen, on a date with each other. So what’s really the point of going through all that? Following are the reasons why you should not make plans-

1. You are not too great with people. It’s a wonder you even have friends because you’re not a very “let’s hangout” kind of person.
2. You want to explore places with those close to you, but you kind of don’t want to deal with their drama as well.
3. Everything you like is unique and not something everyone would go for. And you don’t want to do basic things.
4. You start off well once you decide to be a plan coordinator. But it ends disastrously with you usually losing two good friends.

Reasons Why You Should Not Make Plans

5. People don’t take your seriously at all. The minute you suggest something, they treat it like
it’s an idea coming from a ten year old.
6. History is a proof that none of your plans have been successfully implemented. Maybe you
should just give up now.
7. You are a decent human being but people just keep pushing your buttons by acting up and that doesn’t go down too well with you.
8. You absolutely hate when people don’t reply. Majority of the plans are made on WhatsApp, an app that makes it convenient to talk but others don’t follow that.

Reasons Why You Should Not Make Plans9. When a certain plan is executed, but it’s not up to your standards so you end up feeling disappointed because you wasted money.
10. With each passing day, you’re giving up on human beings and have zero patience left in you. Making plans requires patience.

Reasons Why You Should Not Make Plans

Try one of those solo trips.

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