Negative Characters

Negative Characters That Had Us Rooting For Them

Every story needs a good villain that compliments the hero/heroine and pushes him/her to the edge. But sometimes, we fall in love with these anti-heroes, and end up rooting for them no matter how bad they are. There are some negative characters that left a huge impact on us, and the movie/show they featured in wouldn’t be half as good without them. Following are some negative characters that deserve all the credit for being their wackiest, weirdest yet amazing self and making it all better for us –

The Joker in The Dark Knight 
Of course, Joker from Batman tops this list. And why wouldn’t he? DC Comics gave us many gifts in the form of superheroes who fought the world against all odds. But Joker, not being a superhero but an eccentric, out of his mind criminal, was the best gift. Maybe it was Heath Ledger’s beautiful portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight or just the character himself, but the last scene where he dies, we all felt bad for him. You can’t hate Joker, you simply can’t.

Negative Characters

Pablo Escobar in Narcos
The Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar was portrayed by Wagner Moura in Netflix’s Narcos Season 1 and 2. Events from his life were dramatized and shown to us, that’s when we learned who he was as a human being. Season 1 made us fall in love with Pablo, even when he was shooting people down and bombing airplanes. But when he was hunted down by the DEA in Season 2, which was the end of his life, our hearts broke a little when we saw him take his final breaths. That’s the power of cinema, I guess.

Negative Characters

James Moriarty in Sherlock
Sherlock’s arch nemesis in BBC’s drama Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch is James Moriarty, played by Andrew Scott. Everyone who has seen the show can say for a fact that we loved Moriarty. He was the only one who could give Sherlock a run for his money. We could see how challenged Sherlock used to feel when something had to do with his archenemy. That scene where he died came as an utter shock to us. We, the fans, are still not over that.

Negative Characters

Tywin Lannister in Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones fans, where you at? Didn’t we just love Tywin? The sarcasm, the wit, the voice, the control, what’s not to love about the Lannister leader who didn’t even spare his children when it came to insults? Sure, we did hate him for how he was towards Tyrion. But till the last moment we didn’t want him to die. All we wanted was for him to start realizing his mistakes and stop treating Tyrion the way he did. Tywin was a badass if you keep the Tyrion issue aside.

Negative Characters

Darth Vader in Star Wars
There’s just so much to this character than being a villain, it just gets so hard to not love him. Darth Vader’s past, a tragic story of a good man falling to the dark side, is so touching, we almost forgive him for being who he is now. He’s terrifying, yes, but yet a hero, someone we have sympathy for. Darth Vader is an important pop culture villain, and we love him, even though he’s done some terrible things. That’s just how it is.

Negative Characters

Some villains do it better.

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