Long Weekend

What To Do This The Long Weekend

Rarely we are blessed with an extra holiday that extends the two day weekend. Which is why when you get a long weekend, you need to live it to the fullest. Tomorrow being the Republic Day, we all have a holiday, making this weekend of three days a big deal. What have you planned? Nothing? Here are some ideas –

1. Road Trip
Get your squad, pack your bags and go on a road trip somewhere around. What’s better than being on the road, listening to good music, hogging like hippies and being with your best friends. Find out nearby places that are just a four-hour drive away. Don’t let your long weekend go to waste.

Long Weekend

2. Movies
Padmaavat releases this weekend, what else do you need? Grab company and head to the nearest theatre to experience an epic saga of valour, love and sacrifice. In fact, make the whole weekend about watching movies. When you have Netflix, there’s nothing else that you need really. Watch movies the whole weekend.

Long Weekend

3. Events
Find out what is going around in the city. Visit some art gallery or a local pub or restaurant where some gig is going to happen. Go watch stand up comedy or just show up to a camp. There’s lots to do all the time. Go with your friends or go alone, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you make the most of this opportunity.

Long Weekend

4. Party
When it comes to celebrating the long weekend in style, there’s nothing better than partying. Get your squad at one place and dance the night away with drinks and music. If you don’t feel like going out, call them home and do that same. In fact, a house party is always the best way to enjoy. Get rid of all the stress with your BFFs.

Long Weekend

5. Stay in
Honestly, why would you want to see other people this weekend? After a long time, you have the opportunity to be yourself for three days. Without pretensions, without drama, everything will be normal for three days. Why spoil it? Stay in and relax. As long it’s you and a glass of wine with pizza to go with it, it’s a good weekend plan.

Long Weekend

Have the best long weekend, you guys!

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