Beer and Pizza

Beer and Pizza – The Best Combo Ever

Food and alcohol have always been best friends. It’s like the two of them compliment each other. In the worst of times, they have been our constant companions, helping us get through a bad breakup or deal with stress of our daily lives. The best combo however, is and will always be beer and pizza. When you have the two of them by your side, there’s nothing that can go wrong.  Once you start loving them, there’s no going back. What makes beer and pizza makes the best combo ever?

1. Cheap
In a world where everything is expensive, these two go easy on our pockets. One medium pizza and a pint of beer is enough for dinner, which is what makes the two of them so special. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to feed yourself as their cost is not that expensive.

Beer and Pizza

2. Delicious
Both pizza and beer are delicious. With so many varieties to choose from, pizza and beer combination is simply the best. When it comes to taste, both of them are fan favourites. Once you become a beer and pizza fan, it’s difficult to switch to something else.

Beer and Pizza

3. Easy to eat and drink
You don’t need a folk or spoon to eat pizza. All you need is hands and if you’re lucky enough, you’ve been blessed with two. What another thing works the same way? Without any need of glasses, you can just chug the beer right from the bottle and enjoy life.

Beer and Pizza

4. Loved by all
Who doesn’t like pizza? Who doesn’t love beer? People who hate everything good in life do. The king of foods, pizza, and the king of alcohol, beer, are everyone’s favourite. What do you get when you mix the two things together? Just happy and good times that help you get over all the stress in the world.

Beer and Pizza

5. Symbol of happiness
What do you do when you get a promotion? Or when you ask your crush out and he/she says yes? Or just in those moments in life when you’re very happy to care about anything else in the world? You celebrate with a delicious pizza and go out for beers. Why stress yourself when you have these two?

Beer and Pizza

Happy beer and pizza day, you guys!

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