Why Holi Is The Best Indian Festival

Why Holi Is The Best Indian Festival

For those of you who are not Holi fans, now would be a good time to stray away from this post as nobody needs that kind of negativity in life. Hi Holi fans, it’s finally our day. No matter how shitty every other day is, Holi can never be disappointing. And we, as a group of people who love the festival, believe that there is no other festival as fun as Holi. Here are the reasons why Holi is the best Indian festival –

1. Colours 

No other festival celebrates colours as vibrantly as Holi. You just don’t see it in the clothes or the decoration, it’s literally on the face of every person. Holi is all about throwing colours on each other, spreading the happiness with it. Such is the beauty of Holi.

Why Holi Is The Best Indian Festival

2. No dress up 

Unlike other festivals where there is a constant need to dress up and look beautiful, Holi celebrates being messy. You can look like a total shit and still nobody would be judging you. In fact, you are supposed to wear your most dull and dejected clothes to enjoy the festival.

Why Holi Is The Best Indian Festival

3. Togetherness 

You cannot play Holi alone. This festival celebrates the idea of ‘the more the merrier’, and proudly endorses that. Brotherhood is a feeling that is celebrated everywhere, getting people together to dance and sing. No other festival can bring people together like this.

Why Holi Is The Best Indian Festival

4. Happiness 

Holi is all about being happy. No matter how hard things would have been with you, it’s this one day that you cannot be sad. Even if you try, you cannot feel sad. People around you will cheer you up and make you feel special with their positive festive vibes.

Why Holi Is The Best Indian Festival

5. Bhang

Perhaps the best thing about Holi is this thing. In no other festival you can get high without offending people. But on Holi, everything is allowed. There has never been a better combination than thandaai and bhang, and everyone loves to take full advantage of it.

Why Holi Is The Best Indian Festival

Happy Holi, you guys!

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