How to look chic this monsoon

How to look chic this monsoon

The season of heavy rains and muddy roads is back. And it’s not just the trains that have to suffer, it’s fashion too. You cannot wear the clothes you regularly do because obviously the rains will spoil it. When you’re meeting your friends, you can dress completely homeless as they won’t be judging you, and mostly because you don’t have to impress them. But when your crush asks you out, you cannot say no, nor can you look like a pumpkin. It took you years to pursue them, would you let rains ruin it for you?

Rains or no rains, you’re fabulous and you know it, so why not let the whole world know. We bring to you the different kind of clothes and footwear that you could opt for this monsoon, that would make you look oh so chic this time of the year.

1. Footwear

Stay away from slippers/chappals, especially in the monsoon. It’s damn uncomfortable to walk in those, when your feet is all wet. Plus, they’re slippery, which makes you prone to falling down the stairs or on the road every other minute, ruining the slightest chance that you have of not getting your clothes ruined. Instead, you could wear bellies, or sandals, that would make your feet look good, and also protect them from getting dirty. And the best part is, they are very comfortable to walk in. You can also wear gummy boots, but make sure you feel confident about them, and pair them with the right clothes, and then you’re good to go.

How to look chic this monsoon

2. Lowers

You may love jeans, but in monsoon, abstain from wearing them. Firstly, jeans take a lot of time to dry, which is why if they get wet once, there’ll be a long time you won’t be able to wear them again. Secondly, they get heavy when wet, which is why not even a belt can save them from falling down your waist. Alternatives to wearing jeans could be wearing leggings, trousers or cotton pants that dry out easily without making you look shabby. You could also wear shorts, which are basically a blessing from the heaven, or a short skirt for that matter, owing to the comfort they provide without compromising on looking like a total bombshell.

How to look chic this monsoon

3. Uppers

Choose for more of easy-dry tops to wear in the monsoon. Stay away from anything white, no need to explain that. The best would be to wear t-shirts along with a jacket to protect you from the rains. Pairing t shirt with shorts is outfit goals during this time of the year, as they make you look absolutely chic. Thin tops paired with cotton pants could work too, as long as you know the colours that would compliment each other perfectly. If you have to wear formals, wear dark colour t-shirts over light ones. Pair them with the right pants and sandals, and you’re office ready with less effort.

How to look chic this monsoon

4. Accessories

Accessorizing your outfit perfectly is just icing on the cake. Dates, office, an evening with friends, all you need to worry about it wearing the right accessories to shine the whole time. Small funky earrings are perfect for a friends evening out, while for a date, pair your outfit with an elegant earrings with a small thin chain. Don’t overdo the accessories, as you don’t want to spoil your “shielding myself from the rain” look. They should blend in with your clothes appropriately, which is an easy task if you know what you’re doing. If you’re wearing a short skirt or shorts, you could wear anklets to enhance the way your legs look.

How to look chic this monsoon

5. Must carry

Raincoats and windcheaters are without a doubt a must in these rains. But you know what’s even better? Those cute polka dotted umbrellas. Get one of those for yourself, as they shield you from rains, and only make you stand out in the crowd. Always carry something to protect your hair from getting wet all the time, so that when you reach your destination, water is not dripping from your hair all the time. Avoid wearing socks as they’re bound to get drenched and smell the whole time. Tie up your hair when you’re travelling which will keep them safe. Don’t let the fashionista in you hibernate.

How to look chic this monsoon


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