Games that should be released on smartphones

Games that should be released on smartphones

First, it was Pokemon Go that has already taken what was left of our social lives, and now, Super Mario will be another reason for us to not interact with any human being at all. The traditional Nintendo game is coming back to the smartphones and as soon as Apple announced it, Nintendo shares spike within seconds. That’s the power of 90s kids, y’all. Here’s some other games that should be released on smartphones –

1. Contra

Originally a coin-operated arcade game released in 1987, this run and gun action game became an absolute sensation among gamers. Contra was introduced for Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988 with differences to suit the hardware, and the two-player gameplay was introduced. It was after this that Contra went on to become very popular, as this was quite uncommon then. Many other sequels released to the game, including Super Contra that released a year after Contra. Oh how amazing it would be to play it again on smartphones!

Games that should be released on smartphones

2. Pac-Man

Another arcade game straight from Japan was developed by Namco. Regarded as a classic of video games, Pac-Man is the most famous arcade game of all time. Played widely in the 80s, 90s and even 2010s, we would do anything for it to come to smartphones asap. Don’t you lie, we’ve all spent our childhood saving Pac-Man from those ghosts who were after his life. Various Pacman franchises like t-shirts, pop songs and wastepaper baskets became a huge source of revenue as they were selling in billions. With Mario coming back, let’s hope they start working on Pac-Man too.

Games that should be released on smartphones

3. Prince of Persia

An action adventure game that inspired a film adaptation is an example of how popular the game must have been. Following the incarnations of the prince, the game spread like wildfire among gamers. Prince of Persia was the first to use 3D graphics in a game, and a lot of sequels wEre introduced with the rise in popularity. Played on PlayStation and Xbox, they would be doing a huge favour in all of us by making it available on the smartphone platform.

Games that should be released on smartphones

4. Donkey kong

Following the adventures of a gorilla character called Donkey Kong, the game originally introduced as an action puzzle debuted on the arcade platform in 1981. Mario was first introduced on Donkey Kong, after which it became the most popular character of Nintendo. In the original series, Jumpman (who became Mario) would have to avoid barrels at a construction site to save his girlfriend from Donkey Kong. The game was an instant hit which inspired many other versions.

Games that should be released on smartphones

5. Space Invaders

The most addictive game of that time, Space Invaders was our version of fighting aliens. The goal was to not let those assholes reach the bottom of the screen or else earth was in danger (don’t you tell us “it’s just a game”). Special arcades were opened with nothing but Space Invader cabinets, that’s exactly how powerful the impact was among people. We’ve seen sucky versions of it on the old Nokia phones which were no match for the original one. Please, this one too?

Games that should be released on smartphones


Thanks, Nintendo for making our childhood and adulthood awesome!

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