Movies to watch with your roommate

Movies to watch with your roommate

Movie nights are the best nights. A long tiring day has only one saviour, a movie night. Why are movies awesome? Because for some hours, you can shut the whole world down and concentrate on somebody else’s life. For some hours, we don’t have jobs to do, food to cook, houses to clean and deadlines to meet. For some hours, it’s just about that one thing, the end of the movie we’re watching. A movie night gets even better when you have someone to watch it along with you. And who else is better than your roommate? Here’s a list of all the movies you can watch with your roommate according to their genres –

1. Chick Flicks

A perfect girls night in includes a bottle of wine, some chips to munch, painted nails and chick flick movies on the screen. If you’re both girls living together, chick flicks is the best choice for a movie. Doesn’t it sound fun to be laughing at girly jokes, crying when the guy proposes and rooting for girlfriends during the whole movie? Yeah boys, you won’t find it fun. And don’t forget, drooling over the hottest of actors all the time. Best chick flicks you can watch are Grease, Bride Wars, Bridesmaid, Sisters, Trainwreck, Freaky Friday, The Notebook (oh Ryan Gosling) and the best one, Mean Girls. On your download list yet?

Movies to watch with your roommate

2. Psycho Thrillers

Watching a psycho thriller has some demerits. While it’s interesting to know the whole story line, you’re going to be pretty creeped out by every person you watch after these movies. Movies like The Roommate will make you scared of your own roommate, no matter how close you are. However, psycho thrillers are absolutely amazing to watch. That gripping moment till the end where you have no idea who’s doing what or who’s killing all the people is the best part. Psycho thrillers like Triangle, Inception, Shutter Island, The Sixth Sense, The Butterfly Effect, A Beautiful Mind, The Silence Of The Lambs, among others are perfect for a movie night with your flatmate.

Movies to watch with your roommate

3. Horror

Not confusing it with psycho thrillers, horror is a genre wherein there’s no logical explanation for the happenings. A supernatural force drives every activity, ghosts and spirits in most cases. Horror is not everyone’s cup of tea. Best time to watch a horror movie? Night, duh! Get your roommate on the couch, place the popcorn on the table, conceal yourself with the blanket and gather courage to sit through one, it’s amazing. And you know shit gets real when it’s based on a true story. A night of fear and screams, that’s what you need. Some amazing horror genre movies are Orphan, The Ring Series, The Badabook, Cabin In The Woods, The Exorcist, Oculus, The Mist, among others. Oh and speaking of horror, The Conjuring 2 comes out this Friday. Take your roommate to the theatre.

Movies to watch with your roommate

4. Action movies

Sorry to keep you waiting boys, this is what I was referring to. The action movies, yeaaah! What Chick Flicks are to girls, action is to the guys. The only difference is, girls cry when the guy proposes, and the guys cry when the hero is wounded/dead. Action movies are simple, there’s a beginning, there’s fight, and there’s an end. Well the basic idea is that. If you’re both guys, your movie night is going to be filled with bloodshed and toughness. For watching them, you’ll be getting beers and more beers. The best action movies include the Die Hard Series, Terminator series, James Bond series, Rocky series, The Matrix, Mad Max, Fast and The Furious series, among other brilliant ones. So what are you waiting for? Download them, get your boy gang/roommate and binge watch them all.

Movies to watch with your roommate

5. Superhero movies

Things are getting better and better now. The superhero movies are the best of all genres. They’re not real, which makes them more fun. Have you ever wondered how all these superheroes are just works of imagination of brilliant minds? Thanks to the comics and their writers, we have a whole bunch of such movies being made every year, and they get better everytime. The best superhero series include Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, X-Men, Hulk, and others. There’s Deadpool that took cinema by storm and more superhero movies coming up like Suicide Squad, Avengers (part 3), Wonder Woman for which we cannot wait.

Movies to watch with your roommate
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