Why The World Needs Female Friendships

It’s the year 2018 and if you’re not on the #GirlPower side already, you’re living in the 16th century, my friend. Years and years and years of oppression, backbiting, pitting against each other and taught to see other women as a competition are the stories of yesterday. Today’s women rise with each other. They don’t […]

Happy Super Women’s Day

A day like Women’s Day needs to be celebrated every day. On March 8th, the whole world comes together to celebrate the powerful, strong and independent beings that are women, who constantly break glass ceilings to make the world a better place to live in. Their achievements and dedication make them not just women, but […]

What Every Girls Night In Is Like

Girls night in are the best. There’s nothing that can cure stress better than a night with your girls. People think a lot happens on nights like this when girls get together, but it’s really not what they think it is. We don’t pillow fight or bitch about our exes (yes we do). There’s more […]

Women’s Day Should Be The Beginning Of A Revolution

Women are and always have been powerful. They never needed someone to show them what to do. They have never needed a man to validate their existence. Our history has shown that there’s nothing new about women empowerment. There have always been strong women and there always will be. It’s the year 2017 and we’re still […]

The Most Empowering Ads On Women

The portrayal of women in advertising has been a controversial subject ever since the beginning of advertising. While we may have seen the most demeaning advertisements promoting domestic violence and sexism, it has been getting better. Some advertisers still fail to see women for who they are, but there are a certain few who got […]

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