Why living alone is awesome

1. Your food = Your food The best thing about living alone is that you don’t have to share food with anyone else. Your food, is your food, period. Many a times we just share food halfheartedly and secretly wish that the person doesn’t ask for it the second time. And we start hating them […]

Types of people on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to your special someone. While some believe that this day is the day of love, others don’t think love deserves just one day. Whatever the case may be, it’s celebrated every year when people do something special for their partner. We bring to you, five types of people on Valentine’s […]

Things that are overrated

 The Kardashians The Kardashian family are the Prince Narula of The United States. They are nothing but reality television stars. All they do is film themselves doing really weird stuff that normal families don’t do, but they’ve still managed to be popular worldwide. What is really bizarre about the Kardashians is their followers on social […]

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