How To Be Travel Ready

If you’re lucky enough in life, you get to take a break from all the negativity in life. When it comes to packing, people can be absolute opposites. Some can love it like Monica, starting to pack decades before the date of journey. While the others can be Rachel when it comes to packing, waiting […]

How To Meet New People

People, in general, are frustrating. There is never knowing about people. At one moment they may seem totally fine, but in the other, they can be so weird, you would regret talking to them. With so many bad experiences, you hardly have the feeling to meet new people. Don’t worry, that doesn’t make you anti-social. […]

How To Handle Creepy Guys At Bars

If the title attracted you, I’m really sorry you had to go through that. The only thing worse than creepy guys is creepy guys at bars. I’ll explain why. Creepy guys when drunk, in a dark environment, get ten times more terrifying than they are normally. If only there was a tutorial or something that […]

What To Do When You Are Stuck Between Couples

You don’t know what pain is if you have never been involuntarily stuck between couples. The whole scenario gets worse in two situations. One is when the couple is extra shady, all over each other, making it awkward for all those around. And the second scenario is when you’ve been single since evolution and see […]

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