Why Nachos Are The Best Snack Ever

It’s Nachos day! Yay! Finally, a day that celebrates the best party snack ever. Nachos should be declared as the staple food of the world, honestly. There is nothing Nachos can’t do. In a bad mood? Grab a pack with some salsa sauce. Feel like hitting someone? Munch on nachos and forget about it. Every […]

The Best Quotes On Sandwiches

It’s Sandwich Day! Joey Tribbiani’s favourite food in the world is celebrated worldwide today, and much deserved too. Frankly speaking, sandwiches need to be celebrated every day. They are so simple to make. Put anything between two bread loaves and you have a stomach-filling meal that is delicious till the last bite. If we could […]

Burger Joints In Mumbai

When you love food, you don’t need any reason to enjoy it. However, today you have a reason. It’s burger day! Yes, a reason to eat lip-smacking burgers without anyone interrupting you. If you don’t know where to go, we have some low key joints where you can enjoy the delicacy. Following are some burger […]

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