Welcome The Mumbai Shopping Festival

When it comes to fashion, Mumbai is the best. Be it street shopping or high-end brands, Mumbai has a lot to offer, especially in the Mumbai Shopping Festival. Shopaholics, and basically everyone else, because this is kind of a once a year opportunity for us. The Maharashtra government has organized the Mumbai Shopping Festival to […]

No Shave November Is Here

Can you believe its only two more months to go for 2018? Absolutely not. Where has time been going ever since 2012? Weren’t we all kids just yesterday? Another year is going to be here, just like another November that celebrates manhood and facial hair. That’s right. No shave November is here. The game of […]

Best Places To Go For Ganpati Visarjan

The eleven days of pure fun, faith and celebrations come to an end today with Ganpati Visarjan. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival celebrated across India where people bring Ganesh idols at home, welcoming Bappa to their households and celebrate the festival together. For eleven days, Bappa’s presence is celebrated in the house where everyone seeks […]

How to look chic this monsoon

The season of heavy rains and muddy roads is back. And it’s not just the trains that have to suffer, it’s fashion too. You cannot wear the clothes you regularly do because obviously the rains will spoil it. When you’re meeting your friends, you can dress completely homeless as they won’t be judging you, and […]

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