Signs That You Are A Grown-Up Kid

Being an adult is rough, to put it mildly. To put it harshly, it is like being stranded on an island without any aid or skills. The process of ageing is tough. One minute you’re just going to school, kicking it with your friends and chilling out. And before you can even comprehend, the next […]

New Roommates Vs Old Roommates

You haven’t experienced life to the fullest if you haven’t lived with a roommate once in your life. Sharing an apartment with someone is a beautiful experience. You not only get to know a new person, you learn things like adjusting, compromise and respecting people’s privacy. When you first get a roommate, things are pretty […]

What Makes Old Monk The Best Rum

If you need a reason to party tonight, ahead of the weekend, you have one. It’s rum day. Not kidding, go look it up. Yes, it’s rum day in America which means we can celebrate it here too. For everyone wondering why, please go away right now, because people who love to drink don’t question. […]

What Friendship Today Means

A lot has changed over the years. We have switched from telephones to mobile phones, emails to WhatsApps and outdoor games to PS4s and PUBG. Friendships have changed a great deal too. There are different categories of friendships now. There are friends you know since childhood. Then there are people you know since school days […]

Signs That You Have Started Hating People

Not everyone can deal with people effortlessly. Those who can are either too blessed or just great actors. If you also are among the kind of people who would go to the highest extent just to avoid talking to people, know that you’re not alone. There are other people like you who have started hating […]

Gifts For Book Lovers

If you know a book lover, never let that person go. Book lovers are absolute gems. They don’t make people like that anymore. Sure, there are days where they get completely distant from you when they find a new book. But you know that when it’s over, they’ll come weeping back to you. They’re always […]

Things People Say After Having Few Beers

If you need another reason to drink tonight, the first one being Friday, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s International Beer Day. Gather some friends and avail beer day discounts at bars near you. There is no better way to spend this Friday. After having a few beers, everybody gets real. All that play […]

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