How To Meet New People

People, in general, are frustrating. There is never knowing about people. At one moment they may seem totally fine, but in the other, they can be so weird, you would regret talking to them. With so many bad experiences, you hardly have the feeling to meet new people. Don’t worry, that doesn’t make you anti-social. […]

Every Client Meeting Ever

There are two things everyone hates when working. Number one is getting up early five days a week to work for a 9-5 job, like a continuous life cycle till you’re old. And number two is clients who make the already bad work life worst. Client meeting are an absolute pain to everyone. They never […]

The FIFA World Cup 2018 So Far

It’s the best time of the year for football fans all over the world. FIFA World Cup 2018 started on 14th June, hosted by Russia, which has the whole world glued to their television screens every evening till 15th July. 32 national teams will compete against each other to win the most coveted prize in […]

How To Handle Drunk Best Friends

Honestly, if you don’t believe that going out every weekend with your best friends for a couple of drinks is therapy, you’re doing it wrong. Everyone has stressful weeks. Everyone has their fair share of annoying people who they can only discuss with their best friends. A couple of drinks mostly turn into drinking out […]

Why Superman Is The Best Superhero

To be honest, every day should be celebrated as Superman Day. Where else can you find such an able, muscular, God-like, amazing and beautiful superhero? DC Comics blessed the world with a superhero that not only stole hearts but inspired people to be good, to be better versions of themselves. He is such a great […]

India Wins The Intercontinental Cup

It’s a proud moment for our nation as the boys in blue, the Indian Football Team wins the Intercontinental Cup after defeating Kenya with two goals against zero goals from Kenya. It was an astounding moment in the Indian football, with fans gushing, hooting and going in a frenzy at the stands. Sunil Chhetri, the […]

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