The Avengers Infinity War Review

What a movie! What a way to celebrate and honour the ten years that have been put in by the makers, the fans and everyone associated with the saga! What an absolute treat for the eyes to watch our favourite superheroes battle it out against the mightiest and the strongest villain of all! What a […]

It’s The Avengers Infinity War Day

Marvel fans, where you at? Probably at the theatre right now, if you really are Marvel fans. What a journey it has been! Growing up watching our favourite Marvel superheroes in live action movies, crying with them, fighting with them, feeling all sorts of emotions watching their journey, oh what memories! It has all been […]

What To Do When You Are Stuck Between Couples

You don’t know what pain is if you have never been involuntarily stuck between couples. The whole scenario gets worse in two situations. One is when the couple is extra shady, all over each other, making it awkward for all those around. And the second scenario is when you’ve been single since evolution and see […]

Things You Need To Celebrate World Book Night

Reading is a lost habit that people of this time seem to have forgotten. And no, I’m not talking about Kindle or reading online/on the phone. I’m talking about old school reading that involved borrowing books from the library or buying them. How good were those days? The fresh smell of a new book enticing […]

Types Of People Everyone Hates

People. Not everyone likes the idea of people. Not everyone feels fascinated when talking to someone new or even socializing every other weekend. It differs from person to person, the need to talk to people. But there are certain categories of people that everyone hates, no matter who they are. They all belong together when […]

How To Deal With Over-enthusiastic People

There are two kinds of people. The first kind likes to keep their things to themselves. Most of their responses mostly comprise of a mere nod, that you may or may not be able to comprehend. They don’t like to involve themselves a lot physically, which is why they limit their facial expressions, contact, everything. […]

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