Annoying Things That Couples Do

When you are single, there is nothing you hate more than watching couples all around you, all happy and prosperous in love. It’s like the universe is playing some evil game on you by placing couples in your way all the time. It’s one thing to watch them, and a completely different thing to tolerate […]

Why Nachos Are The Best Snack Ever

It’s Nachos day! Yay! Finally, a day that celebrates the best party snack ever. Nachos should be declared as the staple food of the world, honestly. There is nothing Nachos can’t do. In a bad mood? Grab a pack with some salsa sauce. Feel like hitting someone? Munch on nachos and forget about it. Every […]

What To Do This The Long Weekend

Rarely we are blessed with an extra holiday that extends the two day weekend. Which is why when you get a long weekend, you need to live it to the fullest. Tomorrow being the Republic Day, we all have a holiday, making this weekend of three days a big deal. What have you planned? Nothing? […]

When Your Work Bestie Leaves

Only some people among us like to spend five days a week slogging behind computer screens, working. While most of us would run to another part of the world, change their names and live on an isolated island if they could. The latter only have one thing that keeps them going at work. Work bestie […]

Why You Should Watch Padmaavat

The most controversial movie of 2017 and this year too is releasing this Thursday, on 25th January. Padmaavat, titled Padmavati earlier, is set to hit the theatres across India this Thursday. After more than a month delay, we all get to witness the story of Rani Padmini and Alauddin Khilji, based on the epic poem […]

When You Have To Work On Saturday

The whole concept of growing up, getting stable jobs that help you pay bills and leaving behind everything to be focused on that is disturbing on many levels. You hated this life the minute you set foot on it. We all did, it’s okay to accept. Sometimes, all we wish to do is go back […]

Welcome The Mumbai Shopping Festival

When it comes to fashion, Mumbai is the best. Be it street shopping or high-end brands, Mumbai has a lot to offer, especially in the Mumbai Shopping Festival. Shopaholics, and basically everyone else, because this is kind of a once a year opportunity for us. The Maharashtra government has organized the Mumbai Shopping Festival to […]

Dealing With A Long Distance Friendship

If you thought long distance relationships are really hard to be in, you’ve never really experienced what it feels like to be in a long distance friendship. We all have best friends. They make our lives bearable, keeping things interesting for us. But when they move to another city or a different country, difficult times […]

Cities In India You Must Visit

India’s bigger cities today are making their mark as important global cities. India, however, is best witnessed in the smaller cities and towns that echo of the glorious legacy through their unique art, culture and their people. The following are some cities in India that you must visit – 1. Amritsar¬† The humbling land of […]

When You Are Both Introvert And Extrovert

If you thought there are two types of social people in this world, you are wrong. Apart from the introvert and extrovert category, there exists a category called Ambiverts, the type of people who are a little bit of both worlds. They show characteristics of both introverts and extroverts, and living in this world is […]

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