Ten Years Of Jab We Met

If you thought Bollywood movies are all cheesy and stupid, you need to update your must-watch list. Bollywood sometimes comes up with exceptional motion pictures that not only break boundaries but also are able to relate with the public. Imtiaz Ali is one such director whose movies never fail to disappoint the audience. Jab We […]

The Story of Salary

Hi. Today we’ll be discussing a grave issue that haunts all our lives. Yes, it’s salary. The money we get for working five days a week, sometimes six. It is supposed to last us one month, but sadly, that’s never the case. The story of salary is one of tragedy. We’re just in the middle […]

Types of Bosses

They pay for the food we eat, the drinks we get hungover on and the clothes we wear. This is an ode to those saviours called Boss. No matter how much we hate them, we know they’re important to us. On Boss’s Day, let’s take a look at the different types of bosses. 1. The […]

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