Signs That You Need A Vacation Right Now

Summers are tough. Dealing with life problems in this intensity of heat gets really hard for us people. Summers should really be about going out of town, someplace cooler and getting tanned. It shouldn’t be about sweats and staying indoors to avoid heat. If you feel this way too, you want a vacation badly. Following […]

If You Were Honest At Work

The dreaded day is here. It feels like the weekend doesn’t like any of us too much. It just always passes by leaving us with Monday. And the worst part about Monday? Going to work, pretending to like people and be completely dishonest. Because let’s face it, if you said what you really wanted to […]

Thriller Movies You Should See

Isn’t Saturday the best? A whole week of tolerating everyone’s nonsense is fine if it ends in this beautiful day. You’re allowed to do whatever you want and why waste that opportunity? You know what’s the best? Watching movies and ignoring everything in the world. The best genre to watch is thriller/mystery movies that keep […]

Signs That You Have Zero Flirting Skills

Flirting is an art. Not everyone can master it. When everyone around you is a great flirt, it sucks when you don’t even know the basics. And it’s not like you haven’t tried. You’ve given flirting your best shot, but have always ended up making a fool out of yourself. If it’s happened a lot […]

GOT Season 7 Trailer Is Here

Game Of Thrones fans, where you at? Don’t you just hate it when your favourite show on earth goes on a break? It gets worse when the new season is just a little more than a month away but you just cannot contain it anymore. But you know what’s the worst? When they drop a […]

Things That Happen When You Have A Brother

Sibling relationships are the most evil things in the world. One can easily identify if a person has a sibling when they are extremely paranoid, always suspicious about things and always talk in a passive aggressive tone. All this is because sibling relationships are all about these things. They are so used to all this […]

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