How To Achieve Target This March End

It’s that time of the year again. March end comes with responsibilities we don’t want to take, targets we don’t want to achieve, taxes we don’t want to pay and pressure we don’t want to handle. But like everything in life, you just have to suck it up and get done with it. Two more […]

Things Only Coffee Lovers Will Understand 

The reason why coffee had been discovered was because people were really getting tired of dealing with other homo sapiens early in the morning. And now, it has become an absolute essential in many people’s life. Without caffeine, there’s no energy to face the outside world. Following are certain things that only coffee lovers will […]

How To Deal With People You Dislike

Nobody likes everyone. They’re either just very good at pretending or an imaginary person who exists in a parallel universe. Even if you have a million friends, they’ll always be this one person you despise all the time. Everything about them makes you want to puke but you cannot express your hatred because, well, society. […]

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