Living with a Delhiite roommate

If there’s two things Delhi is known for, its the chaat and people. Delhiites are the most breezy and fabulous people, and it gets even more better when you get to live with them. Following are the things you experience when living with a Delhiite roommate – 1. Oye bc! While the world thinks bc […]

An Introvert’s Guide To Spending The Weekend

Most people look forward to the weekend as they want to spend more time socializing with people. However, there’s a category of people who look forward to the weekend to take a break from communication and socializing. That’s right, the introverts are those people. If you’ve ever wondered how exactly do they spend Saturday and […]

2017 Oscar Nominee Movies That You Should See

The Academy Awards, the biggest recognition a movie can get, recently announced it’s nominees for the 89th Academy Awards. Celebrating excellent cinema, the awards honour the some brilliant movies and the people associated with it. Before watching the Oscars, we suggest the following 2017 Oscar nominee movies that you should see. 1. La La Land […]

Things not to say to someone who’s angry

We’ve all been angry or had to deal with someone who’s angry at some point in life. It’s one thing to give someone their own space when they’re pissed, and a completely different thing to say something nonsensical that can infuriate an already angry person. The following are some of the things not to say […]

Priyanka bags another PCA and we’re all so proud

Priyanka Chopra is a global phenomenon who is not going to stop until she is the queen of the world. Ever since she debuted on the American television Alex Parrish on ABC’s Quantico, people have been loving her for the amazing person that she is. And if that wasn’t enough, she debuts in Hollywood as […]

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