Introverts vs Extroverts

Two kinds of people exist in the world, the Introverts and the Extroverts. For everyone who doesn’t know who they are, introverts are people who aren’t into socializing that much while extroverts are people whose entire life is socializing. There are always these certain traits that the two categories of people that make them poles […]

A hysterical journey with the newly weds

How many times while travelling have you come across with people who get on your last nerve? A million times, right? Well so has Bikram Vohra, who resorted to Facebook to express his thoughts on how his flight experience turned into a bizarre one because of two passengers (the newly weds). His rant is not […]

Apps every woman must have

Ladies, listen up! What if someone told you that everything you need is just a click away? What is someone told you that your phone is all you need to make your life less complicated and entertaining? Believe it, ‘cause it’s true. Whoever said phones were only needed for calling and messaging? It’s a whole […]

How to have a perfect house party

The best cure to stress is a house party with the squad. Isn’t it? You have your own space, you can stay for as long as you want, drink and pass out without being thrown out, and have the best time of your life with the people you love. However, expectations are always better than […]

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