Types of Moms

Mothers, the most beautiful people on earth, are the ones we see first after being born. They’re our superheroes, always ready to solve our problems and help us in anyway they can. There’s not really a list of things they do for us, because our whole life revolves around them. However, there are some traits […]

Game of Thrones – Blood of my blood

Monday is back and so is our happiness. Game Of Thrones came out with yet another episode of the most magnificent season of all, the Season Six. Last episode saw the death of Hodor, we haven’t been able to digest that as yet. Blood Of My Blood was not as good as the last two […]

What a best friend must do

There’s a reason why they’re called Best Friends. No they’re not the best, they’re stupid as hell, who always support you in every crazy thing you do. They’re called that because they know you the best. Only they would know there’s something wrong with you when you don’t finish an entire pizza in one sitting. […]

How to avoid people

There are days when you want to go around hugging people and tell them how much you love them. You want to stay out all day, socializing with your friends and willingly partaking in social activities. You’re liveliness is all over the place. People like you, you like them back. They want to hangout with […]

What growing up really is

Have you grown up with elder siblings or around elder cousins? You’ll probably understand this better. When we were little, we all thought they’re life was pretty cool. All they ever did was wake up, leave home, come back late in the night and sleep back again. It’s looked so effortless and easy. We had […]

Stages of every house party

1. Awkward Meet and Greet So a house party usually begins at 7 pm. But as you know, your friends are lazy and stupid as hell, so they never turn up on time. Also, there’s a lot of things that has to be collected. Someone is responsible for the food, others for booze and the […]

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