Things you should never be sorry for

1. Being happy Your happiness before everything else, that’s the kind of idea you should believe in. Just because something you are happy about makes the other person sad, you don’t owe an apology to anybody. And always remember, the people who are sad seeing you happy are people you don’t need in your life. […]

Types of people on holi

1. It’s HOLIII, YAAAAY! You know this type, also known as extroverts. The people belonging to this type are excited about almost anything, so Holi is just an excuse to be out, with colours. They are the people who will wake up at 5 am and start making preparations for the day, like making water […]

Why living alone is awesome

1. Your food = Your food The best thing about living alone is that you don’t have to share food with anyone else. Your food, is your food, period. Many a times we just share food halfheartedly and secretly wish that the person doesn’t ask for it the second time. And we start hating them […]

5 quick and easy snacks for a busy day

We’ve all had our fair share of busy days when we have no time to spare at all. What suffers here is our appetite. Here we have compiled exclusively for you, 10 easy to make on-the-go snacks that you can pack for work and feast on during breaks. You’re welcome. Sandwiches Very very easy to […]

5 things people who love food will understand

Food is the best thing to happen to the world. Period. It’s the one thing that doesn’t let us give up hope, the one thing for which some people live. The people that live for it, know what it’s like to feel the following : What’s for breakfast? Some people wake up and check their […]

Things to do when home alone

There have always been those days where you have to be alone at home all day. Either your roommates had to go to visit their folks, or your mom decided to meet some relatives and you decided not to go with her, because, well that’s obvious. Instead of sleeping all day and getting bored, you […]

It happens only in Mumbai

Mumbai – the city of dreams, a place everyone wants to be a part of. While there are so many astounding qualities that make the city so desirable, Mumbai is also a city where the most uncommon things happen. There are some unique qualities of this city, which may seem a little weird, but that […]

Qualities of a strong woman

1. Affectionate Who’s the first woman that comes to your mind when you read “strong woman”? Your mom right? The most important quality of a strong woman is affection, and the best example on one is moms worldwide. There’s nobody who’ll love you more than you do, who’ll make your favorite dish and wait for […]

7 Roommate Sitcoms You Should See

American Television has always blessed us with shows that we can enjoy, and there’s something for everyone. The wide genres available on television are so accurate and relatable, that we start having an understanding with the characters playing them. The most used genre on television is roommates and that automatically becomes connected to humour. Listed below are […]

5 ways to respond to “I love you”

We’ve all been in that situation when someone you really don’t like says I love you and you’re standing there, wishing if there were less cruel ways of saying no. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Presenting, five effective responses to I love you, that are less ruthless, but definitely convey the message. “I like […]

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